Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Inklingo Dog

Val made this cute dog, she writes :
It was made with the 1 inch squares from the swap that we did awhile ago. (on the Inklingo-list on Yahoo)

The inspiration for this came from the Scrap Quilts issue from McCalls. Theirs was much larger.

He is coloured squares on both sides but the neutrals form the gusset to make him 3D. Very cute and made in about 3 hours mostly on the machine.


Bernadette Smelik said...

This cute little dog sure looks inviting!

Ingrids strik og patchwork said...

He looks just as cute as my PW dogs I did some time ago using little squares.
See it on my blogspot, if you want too...etiket : Patchwork

Ruth said...

Love this dog. is it ok to do one myself.Do you mind.


Tilde said...

Yes, Ruth. As long as we do not infringe on a published pattern (which we, as far as I know are not in this case), you can copy any or all projects showcased on this blog. It's part of what it is about: Showing how many different things you can use Inklingo-shapes to make