Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pies and Tarts

Cathy in TN has started a quilt with the brand new Pies and Tarts collection. It's a collaboration between Linda Franz and Sue Daley. Cathy writes :
I'm sending a pic of my Pies and Tarts progress. Don't know if I'll ever geti t square as I just seem to keep adding in random fashion, but I think it's coming together nicely and is such a pleasure to piece. (I am hand piecing it).
Don't think it looks much like Pies an Tarts, so I am renaming my quilt 'Beachballs in the Sand".

Cathy is hand-piecing, and it looking real good so far, Cathy :-)


Ingrid said...

It looks wonderful-i like it!

Could you please explain, how do you made this, which templates have you used?

Thanks and greets

Tilde said...

The pattern is from Sue Daley, and the templates used is the Inklingo-Collection 'Pies and Tarts'. I've made a direct link to both in the post above. Click on Sue Daley's and/or Linda Franz's name, and you'll be taken to pattern (Sue Daley) or templates (Linda Franz).