Saturday, September 12, 2009

Insanity !

Rae Ann
has finished the centre of her Insanity quilt.
This project uses the 0.5" hexagons ! so in spite of how formidable it looks, it isn't all that big :-)
She writes :

So this is my Insanity Quilt. I stitch when times allows me. I'm making my quilt with the 1/2" hexagons from Linda's Inklingo. All 158 of my diamonds is make using a differnt 30's reporduction fabric (as are my flowers which are not yet sewn on thus far). I don't know what else to say.

... well ... I don't think you need to say much more, Rae Ann. It looks great :-)


wendy uk said...

Rae Ann this is fantastic, you make me feel very guilty, mine has hardly been touched,as am busy busy.
Well done
Wendy UK

MamaDaniel said...

hello.... this is nice.. insanity is my dream..