Sunday, July 1, 2012

Miniature Lucy Boston

Shirley has been making these tiny wonders ! Using (to some extent) the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses collection (and book).
Here's what she writes :

I have always adored miniatures !  They just fascinate me.  Well.... at long last...... I DID figure out a way to make my POTC Name Tag  block.  I started with the line drawing on p.29, Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses. 
 The hardest part was dealing with fraying of the "1/4" connectors while sewing the y-seams but not so much so that I would give up....   To simplify, I just did a fold over binding from back to front and SID around all the hexagons. 

This mini is made from the same fabrics I made her Big Sister in (April 2011 entry in the Inklingo Projects Blog)    I learned from this 'Big Sis'  how to fussy cut better and .  The 12-piece crosses presented a problem with bulkier seams than I liked so I cut it in one piece; the same difficulty with the edge shapes as well - so I hand stitched a facing, scalloped the border and embellished with Inklingo Circles in the open spaces.  Size is 14" x 18" and 754 pcs.  if I counted right !  If Linda ever comes out with a smaller version of the POTC block pieces with those wonderful accurate crosshair markings, I will be VERY tempted to be one of "those" that make a 'big' miniature quilt.  Marking around templates that small by hand is just not as accurate as I like in comparison to printing in Inklingo fashion.  

Well, I loved your Big POTC-quilt, but this small one has me scraping my jaw from the floor. Just awesome, Shirley !!!


Carol from Panama said...

POTC is one of my all time favorite patterns. This mini is incredible. By how much did you reduce the pattern? Your seam allowances must have been just a few threads! Love the irregular edges.

Anonymous said...

Shirley, you are amazing! I think if I tried to sew a project this tiny, my eyes would fall out!

*karendianne. said...

Wow! This is amazing. Stunning.