Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby-quilt for a little girl

This quilt is made by Tilde and is a little quilt, made with no specific little girl in mind.
It is made with the very first Inklingo collection : Collection # 1

Size : about .... 40*60" (a guesstimate)
Shapes used :
For the flowers : 1" hexagons, diamonds and triangles.
For the setting :
elongated hexagons and - for the outside - 1" triangles.
Finally some 6" diamonds for the outer setting. They were constructed by printing out a page of the diamonds without seam-allowance on some freezer-paper, then cutting out a 6" on each side diamond shape.
The rest was winged :-)

The design is my own variation on Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG), and there's a closeup of the centre (before it was finished) and a single block with sashing sewn on, to give you an idea how the blocks were constructed.

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Peggy S from SW Florida said...

I was browsing your Inklingo Projects blog and came across this darling quilt. I have to make a baby quilt for a little girl and this would be really fun do do. Your work is inspirational. When I figure out how to add a project, I'll post my latest one.

Peggy S from SW Florida