Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rhombic Hexecontahedron

Yes, that is what this is. A soft sculpture made by Jillian
She writes :
Months ago when Sue (and other Inklingoists) were making Puzzle Balls, I was fascinated. I did websearches and found some interesting things about 'solid' geometic shapes. Sheesh, wish they woulda taught me geometry with fabric pieces, I would have understood it a whole lot more!

I love stars so I knew I'd have to make a rhombic hexecontahedron when I saw these pictures:
Except for the last example at that link, they're all made with paper-stiffened diamonds, slightly stuffed with batting, then top stitched together. The last one is a soft sculpture. That's what I made.

Note, I made this while I was sick and the stitching is terrible, so is the stuffing. I'm going to redo it, but wanted to show it anyway 'cuz it was a lot of fun!

A rhombic hexecontrahedron takes 60 diamonds, 12 sets of 5 diamonds make each star (yes you read it correctly, 5 diamonds, not 6)! As the link above explains rhombic hexecontrahedron's have diamonds that are 63 degrees, not our familiar 'quilters' 60 degree diamonds, as in Inklingo 1 & 3. They do have examples of 'quilters' rhombic hexecontrahedron's at that link. That's what I did using the 1 inch diamonds from Inklingo 1. My sculpture is about 5 inches/12cm high.

Sewing Tip: Sew the stars into two half 'bowls' of 6 stars each, then sew the halves together. I tried it other ways and had to un- and re-sew a couple of times!

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