Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Judy M. made this quilt called "Somewhere Out There" using the Inklingo Free Diamond, Triangle Square Collection, the Inklingo Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced Collection and the Inklingo Tumbler Collection.

She writes:

"Attached is a photo of one of two matching quilts that I made for two DGS's (cousins). The original quilt was called 'Somewhere Out There' and was projected to be published in installments in the e-zine Cotton Spice. Only the first installment was published before the e-zine went out of business. I was entranced with the design so worked it up in EQ (and found in the process that the original one was probably designed in EQ also as all the blocks used had the same name as blocks in EQ).

After I finished the Snail's Trail blocks, I started on the 'star' blocks using templates for the LeMoyne Star. After a false start, I decided to use Inklingo to make the block and then decided to make all the star blocks using various patterns of Inklingo."

 "This is the jpg of the EQ file with the original star blocks. You can see that I changed all the stars. Some were from the original LeMoyne Star (free set), two were from the Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced and one is Cathi's Tumbler Star. The other major difference is the fabric border rather than the pieced border in the EQ version. I found a fabric with what looked like a map of the constellations and, since both boys were under 10 years old, felt as if the pieced border would not be necessary."

Judy's version of this quilt is a beauty! And a great illustration of how easy it is to amend patterns so that you can use Inklingo collections. Let's hope that soon the pattern designers start including Inklingo directions in their patterns!

The Tumbler Star pattern is free to download at the Inklingo website.

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