Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hexagon bag

Ligia made this cute bag, inspired by a pattern from the book pictured below.

The 1.5" hexagons from Collection 3 were used. The bag measures approximately 10" x 5.8".

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A hexagon hexagon quilt top

Cathi is working on this hexagon quilt made of hexagons and equilateral triangles from Collection 1.

Shapes used are the 1" hexagon and equilateral triangle found in Collection 1.

New rounds are added periodically as I find new colours that work. Continuous stitching as a new round is added makes this very enjoyable and quick to put together.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snack Quilt - Cherries and Chocolate

Sue is working on this quilt, made with a pattern from Linda Franz, the Snack Quilt.

She writes :

The strips were all sewn together by machine and all of the strips are joined by handpiecing.

The second picture is a close up of the Snack quilt - Cherries and chocolate.


Sue made this quilt which is is lap robe size.
The triangles are from collection # 3, and are
2 1/4" to a side.

Second Picture shows a close-up of the quilting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sewing Bag

Simone made this pretty bag using hexagons from two collections.

She writes:

The second project is a bag for a friend approx 3” high by 6.5 x 9”. The hex’s are from collection 3 for the top.
The pincushion uses .5 hex’s from the downloadable collection.

Colourful pinwheel

Simone made this pretty quillow.

She writes:

My first inklingo project is a quillow for our local show. I used the Inklingo half square triangles from collection 2.
The quilt is lap quilt size 36” x 48”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas table-topper

Barb made this Christmas Table topper.
She writes :
I LOVE the new projects blog! What a GREAT idea!
I used Collection #2 for the 2 3/4" half-square triangles in this scrappy table topper for Christmas. Stitched the whole thing in our motorhome using my featherweight machine! A good way to combine the old and the new, eh?
Completed top is 42" square
I designed the quilt myself - with a log cabin barn raising setting. And I love it on my new table!

Scrappy hexagon quilt

Teresa made this little quilt. She writes :
I used 1" hexagons received from swapping with the Inklingo Yahoo Group.

I stitched this quilt in the car while on vacation last summer

Size : 20 * 21"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pincushion # 4 and 5

Martha made these two pincushions from the same general directions that was used for the ones here and here.
She used the squares from the free LeMoyne star collection.
She writes :
It was late. It was dark.....the star shape happens if you match the seams of the upper and lower tiers.

Abigail's Gowns

Mary made this one, she writes :

Here is a quilt using the flying geese the Inklingo way.

Pattern is Abigails Gowns by Civil War Legacies.

Used collection # 2
Size of project :

We have a button !

We have a button for the blog.
You can see it here, on this post.
BUT it is also right there, out in the margin of the blog.

If you want to show this button / logo on YOUR blog, and instantly link to this one, all you have to do, is look at the button in the margin, lift the html-code under the picture there, and publish it
... and if you're a bit iffy about how, then Split Decisionz has some very simple and easy to follow directions ... and some neat, free, general buttons too .

Seven Sisters and paper dolls

This little beauty is made by Teresa. She writes :

I was inspired by the Inklingo Yahoo Group, I actually have seven sisters and we played with paper dolls as children, so I was also inspired by the border fabric

Size 13" X 14"
Inklingo Shape Collection # 1
1" diamonds set in seven sisters pattern.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tote with LeMoyne stars

This wonderful tote is made by Jillian, who writes :
Attached is a pic of a tote I made with the free LeMoyne Star collection.
I hand-pieced the two LeMoyne Stars. The tote pattern is called Harmony and is designed by StudioKat designs

Insanity quilt in progress

Deanna is making this quilt (and there's another picture of the complete quilt here). She writes :

This quilt is called "Insanity" (probably for good reason because there are 10,339 hexagons in it). I got it from the Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 16 no 6.

It is designed by Rhonda Pearce and won 1st price at the NSW quilters guild in 2007.

I am using the 1/2" hexagons from Inklingo Collection .50" hexagons, rather than doing it with English Paper Piecing.

Size of the quilt - once it is finished - will be 79" x 86"

Hexagon basket quilt in progress

Jillian writes about this work in progress :
I finally learned enough about Electric Quilt 6 software to do a pattern of my in-process Hexagon Flower Basket quilt.
Basically all the flowers are from last year's 1" hexagon swap (Inklingo Collection 1).

For those who aren't familiar with this project, my design is based on this quilt from the Quilt Index that is hosted by the Michigan State University.

The picture / draft of the complete quilt is made using Electric Quilt 6.

Rhombic Hexecontahedron

Yes, that is what this is. A soft sculpture made by Jillian
She writes :
Months ago when Sue (and other Inklingoists) were making Puzzle Balls, I was fascinated. I did websearches and found some interesting things about 'solid' geometic shapes. Sheesh, wish they woulda taught me geometry with fabric pieces, I would have understood it a whole lot more!

I love stars so I knew I'd have to make a rhombic hexecontahedron when I saw these pictures:
Except for the last example at that link, they're all made with paper-stiffened diamonds, slightly stuffed with batting, then top stitched together. The last one is a soft sculpture. That's what I made.

Note, I made this while I was sick and the stitching is terrible, so is the stuffing. I'm going to redo it, but wanted to show it anyway 'cuz it was a lot of fun!

A rhombic hexecontrahedron takes 60 diamonds, 12 sets of 5 diamonds make each star (yes you read it correctly, 5 diamonds, not 6)! As the link above explains rhombic hexecontrahedron's have diamonds that are 63 degrees, not our familiar 'quilters' 60 degree diamonds, as in Inklingo 1 & 3. They do have examples of 'quilters' rhombic hexecontrahedron's at that link. That's what I did using the 1 inch diamonds from Inklingo 1. My sculpture is about 5 inches/12cm high.

Sewing Tip: Sew the stars into two half 'bowls' of 6 stars each, then sew the halves together. I tried it other ways and had to un- and re-sew a couple of times!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kathy's wallhanging

Kathy also made this wall-hanging.
She writes :

The black wallhanging is made out of the packs of Japanese fabrics that are always at the quilt shows - those stacks of 4 1/2" squares. They worked great with the shapes from Inklingo #1.
The hexagon's between all the little flowers turned out to be 1 1/4" (which wasn't in the collection and I had to do them the old fashioned way... VBG) *

I used a black Kona Bay Dragonfly fabric that I had for the background. The overall size is about 46 x 44. It isn't quilted yet.

* Note from editor : the 1.25" hexagons are available now as a separate, downloadable collection.

Christmas quilt

Kathy made this wonderful quilt. She writes :
The Christmas Quilt is 48 x 48. I made it out of Xmas 3" noodles that we swapped in my guild. It is made from Inklingo #3 . I made the center from Linda's pattern in the book and then just started playing adding borders. I gave it to my DMIL on Mother's Day. The only fabric I bought for this quilt was the stripe for that border--every thing else was from scraps.

Hexagon bag

made this little hexagon bag using a pattern from Quilt Patis, but with Inklingo, using the 1" hexagons from Collection # 1.

She writes :
Here are two pics of the little HexBag I made for my DGD Sidney when the collections first came out.
The ‘wrinkles’ that show in the picture are only there because the bag had been folded shut… there are no wrinkles when we sew with Inklingo! Sorry the picture isn’t any better

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blue and White Table Runner

A table runner designed and made by Cathi. It measures approximately 14 x 32 and contains 748 pieces.

Collection #3.
Shapes used: .75" diamonds, half diamonds, elongated hexagons and other half elongated hexagons

Stars and redwork

Jeannette made this one. She writes : The star quilt is made with the free Lemoyne Star block And has 12 blocks with redwork flowers scattered among the stars.I'm still working on the border.

... this does mean that there's no finished size yet, but the LeMoyne star blocks you can make from the free collection finish at 4½", and that would make this one about 40 * 54" without borders


Dee made these pretty coasters.
She made them with the pattern found in Linda Franz' Monkey Exercise #1 using Collection #1.
She writes :
"Honestly I can’t remember how big they finished, and I’m at work and can’t open the pattern to check the finished dimensions. :) These coasters were very easy, and a great project for beginners.

Grandmother's Flower Garden with lace

Jeannette from South Australia made this. She writes :

This is my GFG quilt made with Inklingo Shape Collection 1.It is made up of 80 blocks all hand pieced and hand quilted.

The border and the lace were sewn on my machine.
I made 80 small lace flowers on my embroidery machine and hand stitched 1 in the centre of each block.

It measures 94"x82".

Pincushion # 3

Sue made this pincushion from the same pattern as this one

She writes :
"Here is my little pincushion. Obviously, it did not turn out like the directions said it would - if I did it right. LOL However, I think it is cute. I used the 1" squares from collection #1. I will make another one - until I get it right! "

Well, I think this one looks pretty right too. Just different :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indigo and Cheddar

Val made this gorgeous little quilt with triangles and hexagons from Collection # 3. She used the 0.75" size and the finished size is about 18 * 15"

Blocks made with the free collection

Val made these blocks with the free LeMoyne star collection, and to help you out, she has even shared pictures of how she pressed them. We bring them here for your inspiration. All the blocks are 9" square

Snow-Crystal :

This one, I think it's called Carpenter's Wheel or Broken Star :

And finally, 4 LeMoyne stars put together in one block :

Reproduction crib quilt

Val also made this reproduction crib-quilt. She used 5" charms, mostly from Moda collections, and printed them with 0.75" hexagons from Collection # 3. She writes, that there are enough hexagons left to make another quilt the same size.

Size is approximately 30" square

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Penny made these candlemats . The Tiger-paw mat was made with 1" hexagons and diamonds from Collection # 1 .

The Two floral ones are made with 0.5 hexagons from the collection of the same name. They have a diameter of approximately 6"

Flying Geese and roses wall-hanging

Sue writes :
This wall hanging was a class that I took from Sally Collins. All of the flying geese were made from Collection # 2. Inklingo made it so easy to make all of those small flying geese. Love Inklingo!

The mitered corners are hand appliqu├ęd in place - I've never had instructions to do it like this but it worked very nicely.

Size of quilt is 35" square.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This small pincushion is made by Tilde. It uses 15 1" squares from collection #1. The two sides are shown here.
You can use larger squares and get a larger pincushion.
Maybritt has a tutorial on her blog. Disregard her directions for using thin cardboard and English Paper-piecing, you don't need that with Inklingo :-)

The only thing I would do in preparation (apart from printing the shapes), is to iron down the seam-allowance on the last seam sown, so that it is easy to sewn down to the others, once the pincushion is stuffed.
I used wool-rowing to stuff it.

Table-topper with coasters

Tilde made this small table-topper with 6 matching coasters using Collection # 1.
Shapes used are diamonds, hexagons, half-hexagons and the elongated half-hexagons.

Coasters have sides of 6" as does the table-topper .... which makes it 12 * 10"

Jane Austen's Writing Table

David from France made this wonderful little quilt, using Linda Franz's pattern.

He made the 6 4"-diamonds that are used from Collection # 1, using half-hexagons, hexagon, diamond and equilateral triangles.

Diameter of project is 17 ½"

Sugar Loaf Quilt

Another miniature beauty from Val.
It's a personal interpretation of an antique quilt.
The diamonds and triangles used are from Collection # 3 and the size of the quilt is about 25" square

Another Inklingo Christmas Tree

Val made this Christmas-tree wall-hanging, using Cathi's pattern. It is made with the 1.25" hexagons from the collection of the same name and the size is about 20 * 24"

As you can see, she had fun embellishing it with buttons, charms and sequins.