Friday, August 30, 2013

Diamond Stars

Sarah has made this pretty top using Inklingo Collection 3.

She writes:

"It is based on the Sapphires in a Field of Gold pattern in the Shape Collection #3 book, but I was feeling lazy (and was in a hurry) and didn't want to print as many shapes as the original design was made with.  So I modified it to use just 3 shapes and one colour per shape. The tiny outside triangles are just trimmed down from the diamonds that I had already printed. All of the shapes were printed from Shape Collection #3."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jeannette made this fabulous pieced hexagon quilt using Inklingo Collection 3, the Inklingo 3" 60-degree Diamond Collection and the Inklingo 300 Pieced Hexagons Design Book.

She writes:

"This is a picture of my 6" hexies quilt from the 300 Hexies book. I used the 1.5" and .75" pieces from Collection 3 with the triangles from the 3" Diamond Collection. The quilt measures 51" x 67". I'm very pleased with it. I have wanted to make one like this for a long time. I am unsure how to quilt it at the moment so I am open to suggestions."

Congratulations, Jeannette. It's a beauty! This is such a fabulous example of some of the great pieced hexagons one can make using Inklingo collections.

A Wedding Quilt

Judy M. made this beautiful wedding quilt using Inklingo Collection 2.

She writes:

"I used Inklingo Collection 2 for my nephew's wedding quilt. The dark HRT's were solid dark brown so a bit hard to see the printing on, but once I had them printed and cut out, the quilt went together much easier than expected. I did most of the sewing from the turquoise side. I always add the 'new' monogram in a trapunto-ed feathered heart for my wedding quilts. The design is Tennessee Waltz from Judy Martin (which I changed slightly to 'finish' around the edges) as the couple lives in Tennessee. When I remembered all the words to the song, I almost didn't use the design!  LOL"

Judy M. made this quilt called "Somewhere Out There" using the Inklingo Free Diamond, Triangle Square Collection, the Inklingo Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced Collection and the Inklingo Tumbler Collection.

She writes:

"Attached is a photo of one of two matching quilts that I made for two DGS's (cousins). The original quilt was called 'Somewhere Out There' and was projected to be published in installments in the e-zine Cotton Spice. Only the first installment was published before the e-zine went out of business. I was entranced with the design so worked it up in EQ (and found in the process that the original one was probably designed in EQ also as all the blocks used had the same name as blocks in EQ).

After I finished the Snail's Trail blocks, I started on the 'star' blocks using templates for the LeMoyne Star. After a false start, I decided to use Inklingo to make the block and then decided to make all the star blocks using various patterns of Inklingo."

 "This is the jpg of the EQ file with the original star blocks. You can see that I changed all the stars. Some were from the original LeMoyne Star (free set), two were from the Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced and one is Cathi's Tumbler Star. The other major difference is the fabric border rather than the pieced border in the EQ version. I found a fabric with what looked like a map of the constellations and, since both boys were under 10 years old, felt as if the pieced border would not be necessary."

Judy's version of this quilt is a beauty! And a great illustration of how easy it is to amend patterns so that you can use Inklingo collections. Let's hope that soon the pattern designers start including Inklingo directions in their patterns!

The Tumbler Star pattern is free to download at the Inklingo website.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Case of The Secret Garden

Kathy in Nashville made this beautiful quilt top using the Inklingo New York Wheel collection.

She writes:

"This is my Inklingo COTSG mystery quilt. Hand pieced and still needs to be quilted."

The very first Inklingo mystery quilt was called The Case of the Secret Garden. The clues for the mystery quilt are available on the All About Inklingo blog.

Log Cabin Baby Quilt for a Girl

Kathy in Nashville has made this pretty little quilt for a baby using the Inklingo .50" Log Cabin collection.

She writes:

"These 2 photos are of the girl baby quilt made with the .50" log cabin. I used scraps from my owl quilts. Hand pieced and machine quilted."

What a great back - with more owl fabrics.

Japanese X/+ Blocks

Kathy in Nashville has been busy making Japanese X/spool blocks using the Inklingo Japanese X or Spool collection.

She writes:

"These are the 7.5" Japanese X/Spool blocks. I have probably twice this amount made now. These are just up on my design wall. Hand pieced out of lots of charm squares and layer cakes. Fun to make!"

Such fun to look at!

Sunflower Quilt

Kathy in Nashville made this spectacular sunflower quilt using the Inklingo 6" Sunflower collection, 12" Sunflower collection, the 6" LeMoyne Star collection and shapes from the Inklingo CD #1, CD #2 and CD #3 collections.

She writes:

"This is my sunflower quilt. My original design. It is totally hand pieced. I used the 6" and 12" Sunflower, the 6" LeMoyne Star and shapes from the three Inklingo CD collections. I added other patches of 'odd' sizes and a little appliqué. It is a big quilt and I don't have a better place to photograph it. It still needs to be quilted."

Take a look at the LeMoyne Stars and the effects Kathy got with some fussy cutting. Absolutely stunning!

Log Cabin Baby Quilt for a Boy

Kathy in Nashville made this baby quilt using the Inklingo .50" Log Cabin collection.

She writes:

"These 2 photos are of a boy baby quilt made with the .50" log cabin.  I used scraps from my owl quilts.  Hand pieced and machine quilted."

Not only is the front full of great fabrics - so is the back!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blue and White Feathered Star

Mary made this stunning blue and white Feathered Star using the Inklingo 15" Feathered Star collection.

What a wonderful, classic quilt!

Walled Garden

Cathi made this quilt top, which she's calling A Walled Garden, using the Inklingo New York Wheel collection.

The first ever Inklingo mystery quilt, The Case of the Secret Garden, was great fun. Because I wanted to try to keep up with the clues, I hybrid pieced this one - the straight seams I did by machine, while the curved piecing I did by hand. And it came out perfectly. Having the stitching lines and matching points makes it oh, so easy to machine and hand piece!

The clues for the mystery quilt are available on the All About Inklingo blog.

Joseph's Coat

Cathy in Tennessee made this beautiful quilt using the Inklingo Joseph's Coat collection.

She writes:

"I finished it! My queen size Joseph's Coat has been quilted and even those scalloped edges have been bound. The entire quilt was pieced by hand using Inklingo. I couldn't have made this quilt without it. Inklingo made it easy peasy."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kaleidoscope Stars

 Frummie is making kaleidoscope stars using the Inklingo 2" 60-degree diamond collection.

The special effects are so easy to accomplish with a little fussy cutting/printing as shown on the All About Inklingo blog post on no-waste fussy cutting.

Look at this second beauty Frummie made!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Case of the Secret Garden

Mary made this beautiful quilt using the New York Wheel Inklingo collection.

The Case of the Secret Garden was the first Inklingo mystery quilt. The mystery quilt clues are available on the All About Inklingo blog.

Bold Stripes

Mary has made another colourful masterpiece using the Quarter Square Triangles Inklingo collection.

She used the 3" QSTs to make the hourglass blocks in this gorgeous quilt.

LeMoyne Table Topper

Patti has made this pretty LeMoyne Table Topper using the Inklingo Free Diamond, Triangle, Square collection and the pattern from Erin Klein which is available free to members of the Inklingo Yahoo group.

She writes:

"This is the piece I submitted for the guild challenge. I even told them they could enter if it wasn't finished. I didn't want to bind mine as I wanted to find more of the same fabric from Fabricland that I had used to make it. Unfortunately, it is discontinued and I have haunted numerous Fabriclands in Ontario to check out their clearance shelves. I couldn't find the one I wanted but did find enough of a slightly different colourway that I may over-dye to do the rest of a suitable top..."

Hexagon Star Quilt

Patti is making this wonderful hexagon star quilt using the Inklingo .50" 60-degree hexagons and the elongated 60-degree hexagon from Inklingo Collection 1, a collection on CD which is sold out.

She writes:

"Time has come to add my elongated hexagon border to my quilt top. The star is made up of 1/2 inch hexagons. The piece of fabric that I used for all the hexagons came from one piece of fabric that started out green on the one selvedge and went to yellow on the other in the same order as the elongated hex border is done. I had purchased the fabric after I issued a challenge at guild to make something that would be quilted using only two pieces of fabric, a background, the white on white fabric and the print was the focus fabric!

My fabric went AWOL and time was closing in on the challenge deadline so I bought a similar fabric in a different colourway and made a table topper instead. When we were packing to move across town the AWOL fabric showed up again so I decided I had better print off what I needed before it escaped again. Since it wasn't going to make it to the challenge, I decided to applique the star onto the black background and add a suitable border."

Do you want to see the project Patti made with the fabric in a different colourway? Look for the "LeMoyne Table Topper" post.

On Target

Mary has made this spectacular quilt which she has named "On Target" using the Farmer's Delight setting in the Dresden Fancy Pieced Inklingo collection.

Just look at the gorgeous use of colour in this one!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Canadian Starburst

Cathi made this red and white quilt using the 20" Feathered Star and the 6" Sunflower Inklingo collections.

After seeing so many pictures online of the gorgeous red and white quilts that were on display in New York a few years ago, I was determined to make a red and white quilt. Once the Feathered Star and Sunflower collections were released, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Hand pieced and yet to be quilted. I named it Canadian Starburst as our Canadian flag is red and white.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Colourful Crosspatch

Cathi made this colourful quilt top using the 1-inch 90-degree hexagon Patchwork of the Crosses Inklingo collection.

It was such fun making this top that I think I may have to make another. I would never have made this were it not for Inklingo as English paper piecing just isn't for me. It is so quick and easy to stitch shapes like hexagons with a simple running stitch with the perfect Inklingo stitching lines - much quicker than basting and then whip stitching and no worries about my whip stitches showing. Fussy cutting/printing some of the shapes for the blocks added some interesting effects and was very easy to do. Having all the edge pieces needed to add the pieced border as in the original Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses really made this a joy to piece. I rarely ever follow a pattern or make an exact replica, but the Lucy Boston POTC is one that I couldn't resist.

Rose Star Table Topper

Glenda made this pretty table topper using the Inklingo 12" Rose Star collection.

She writes:

"I used the 12-inch Rose Star pattern from Inklingo to create my table runner. Although it is a 'one-patch' pattern, there is an option to use hexagons for parts of the design. I used my 2" hexagons and the 'kite' pattern piece from the 12-inch Rose Star collection to create my Rose Stars. Rather than making a long table runner with the blocks lined up end to end, I chose to create one that was shorter and wider for my oval table. I used large diamond shapes on the four corner areas to create the elongated hexagon shape of the runner. The table runner was both hand and machine pieced, then machine quilted. It was fun and I think it created a unique project."

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jane Austen Patchwork

Martha made this fabulous Jane Austen Patchwork quilt using the Inklingo Jane Austen Patchwork collection.

She writes:

"I pieced the centre and Val added the border for me.  I would never have attempted it without Inklingo."

Click on the photo to see the wonderful floral Martha used for the centre large diamond!  What a beautiful quilt!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Patchwork of the Crosses

Karen just finished this beautiful Patchwork of the Crosses top made using the 1" 90-degree hexagon Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"Finally, after 14 months of hand piecing, it is done! I finished my 100" x 100" Patchwork of the Crosses using the 90-degree Inklingo hexagons!  3,636 pieces in this quilt. Wow - what a finish - at times I wasn't sure I would ever finish and put it aside numerous times in the past year for weeks at a time. Thanks, Linda, for figuring out how to get lines on fabric. I'm sure I would still be working on it if I was English Paper Piecing instead of using Inklingo!"

Click on the photo to enlarge it and take a look at the hexagon border Karen appliqued on!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blues Star Quilt

Lorraine is making this pretty blue and white star quilt using the free diamond, square and triangle Inklingo collection and the on-point triangles for 4.5 inch blocks Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"This is the second cooperative Inklingo quilt project done with my sister-in-law.  We used the free collection and the on-point triangles for 4.5" blocks collection. This is Linda's design, shared on the All About Inklingo blog when the on-point triangle collection was first made available.

It is all hand pieced and each star is different. This quilt is being made for my great nephew."

This picture shows a close-up of a few of the stars. Perhaps Lorraine and her sister-in-law did a little fussy cutting/printing to get some special effects.

Star Table Runner

Cathie D. made this pretty star table runner using the 1" 60-degree diamond Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"This is a little table runner made using Inklingo. It was a travelling project. I really loved how easy it was to piece the diamond stars and how precise it made my work. It was pieced by hand but, as I am not a hand quilter, I did some simple machine quilting. I was inspired by a table runner pattern that was in an old issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I used a charm pack and a pretty tone on tone background from my stash.

I would highly recommend Inklingo to anyone who loves precision but struggles."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Star Quilt

Cathi made this star quilt using the shapes in the free diamond, square, triangle Inklingo collection.

It was inspired by a quilt I saw online. I just started stitching together more and more rounds of diamonds and squares until it got to the point I thought it was large enough. Then I started adding squares at the corners. Then a couple of borders, some pieced, and it was finished or so I thought. Now I've decided to add one more plain border.

Dresden Plate

Jeannette in Australia has made this gorgeous Dresden Plate using the Dresden Plate Appliqué Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"This is a picture of my Dresden Plate quilt using the back-basting method from the Dresden Plate appliqué collection. It is made entirely from my scrap bag. I didn't print any blades, just the background pieces. I really enjoyed the back-basting method of appliquéing the curved tops so much I asked Linda if she would make a collection of Baltimore blocks to back baste appliqué."

More Pieced Hexagons

Jeannette in Australia is also making pieced hexagons using 60-degree hexagon and 60-degree diamond Inklingo collections and the 300 Pieced Hexagons design book.

She writes:

"I am really loving making these 6" hexies from the 300 Hexies book. These are all hand pieced. It's just like making a little quilt each day."

Pink and Cream Star

Cathi made this pink and cream star quilt using the 45-degree diamonds in the 6" LeMoyne Star Inklingo collection.

It was inspired by a picture of an antique quilt I saw in the Quilts, A Beautiful History book. I love the look of two-colour quilts.  Once I had decided I was going to make this, I had my shapes printed and was stitching within no time. Thanks to the perfect stitching lines and matching points, my large and small stars went together perfectly. Hand pieced and still waiting to be quilted.

Another Drunkard's Trail

Jeannette in Australia made this quilt using the 3" Drunkard's Trail Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"I liked the fabric so much I didn't want to cut it up into small pieces.  It is hand pieced and still waiting for the borders."

Drunkard's Trail

Ruth made this colourful Drunkard's Trail collection using the 6" Drunkard's Trail Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"A fun and easy quilt to hand piece."

New York Beauty

Ruth made this pretty New York Beauty quilt using all three of the New York Beauty Inklingo collections.

She writes:

"Never thought I could make a NYB quilt."

Pies and Tarts

Ruth made this quilt using the Pies and Tarts Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"My very first full-size Inklingo quilt, love it!"

Rose Star

Jeannette in Australia made this quilt using the kite from the 12" Rose Star collection and 2" 60-degree hexagon Inklingo collections.

She writes:

"This quilt is made using the 1" kite from the Rose Star collection and 2" hexagons. I fussy cut the centre butterfly hexagons. It still needs the border put on it."

Hexagon Diamonds

Jeannette in Australia made this quilt using the 1" 60-degree hexagon Inklingo collection.

She writes:

"This quilt is made with 1" hexagons. It is hand pieced and hand quilted."


Ruth made this sunflower quilt using the 6" and 12" Inklingo Sunflower collections.

She writes:

"I added a centre medallion from a Cheryl Phillips book."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jane Austen Quilt

Sue in Australia is making a beautiful Jane Austen quilt using the Inklingo Jane Austen Patchwork collection. She has just finished putting the centre together.

Sue writes:

"I belong to a group of 12 who meet once a month and we have a 'birthday bag'.  Each person states what she would like in her bag and at the meeting in the birthday month gets a bag with 11 fat quarters from the others. Mine was small pastel florals in cream and pink. I added to this, including some swaps, and had 70 different fabrics each arranged symmetrically. I appliquéd the centre medallion.

Now for the border. I can't face the 2,500 small diamonds in the original and I'm not happy using any of the floral fabrics used in the diamonds. I'm thinking of making stars from the small diamond template and appliquéing them onto a cream border."

Sue's appliquéd centre is beautiful.  I can't wait to see what she does with the border!

Dresden Plate, Flying Geese, HST - Oh, My!

Jeannette in Australia made this wonderful quilt using the Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced collection, Collection 2 and HSTs.

She writes:

"I made this quilt for my sister-in-law Barbara after she saw the blocks and said how much she liked them. There are only 9 blocks, but each one is 24" square.  The centre is the 15" Farmers Fancy from the Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced Inklingo collection and the Flying Geese are 3" x 1.5".  The other blocks were made using 3.25" HSTs from Collection 2 and squares that I cut myself.  It is hand and machine pieced and machine quilted."

And here's a close-up of the beautiful centre Farmers Fancy block.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Joseph's Coat

Karen made this Joseph's Coat of many colours, using the Inklingo Joseph's Coat collection.

She writes:

"I made Joseph's Coat with the Inklingo collection. I printed the melons on fabric and printed the Inklingo templates for the background directly on to freezer paper to use as paper templates which I traced around on my background fabric. The printed lines on the melons gave me the lines I needed so the hand piecing worked out great. I hand pieced and hand quilted it. It was pieced during 2011 and 2012 and quilted during 2012."

"I added the black circles, turning the pattern into something a little bit different."

Snack Quilt

Sue made this fabulous Snack Quilt using the 1.5" 60-degree hexagons which are in Collection 3 on CD and also available as a downloadable collection using the Snack Quilt pattern, which is available at Inklingo here.

This close-up shows the quilting Sue did on her Snack Quilt. Sue's Snack Quilt has a wool batting and was finished in 2010.

Drunkard's Path

Carol made this wonderful Drunkard's Path quilt using the Inklingo 2" Drunkard's Path Shape Collection.

She writes:

"The Drunkard's Path blocks were hand pieced. The borders were attached by machine. It has not been quilted yet.

The title 'Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies' is from the Beatles song 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds'.'