Saturday, November 19, 2011

Addy's Quilt - more Insanity

Lorraine in MI is working on an Insanity version with her sister-in-law. They are using the 0.75" hexagons (rather than the 0.50" ones the original pattern calls for). She writes :

We have more borders to add, but had to share our progress. This is for my SiLaw's granddaughter who loves red, stars and hearts.
There are not words to describe what a pleasure this project has been! Inklingo has made it a breeze to print and send and share in the stitching!
There are 3 more children needing heirloom quilts and we already have plans for those...all using Inklingo!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dotty Pies and Tarts

Ruth has finished her first (!) Inklingo top.
She writes :

Here's a picture of the quilt and closeup of the border . My "Dotty Pies and Tarts" was my first full size inklingo project completely hand pieced, What fun and so exact with Inklingo.

I've already started on my next Inklingo project, a Pickled Clamshells.

Collection used : Pies and Tarts
Size 70 x 82"