Monday, August 22, 2011

THE Hexagon Quilt - Insanity FINISHED !!!

YEA. Linda D. has FINISHED her Insanity quilt.
She writes :
"My "Insanity" quilt is finished. I added two extra rows to the top and bottom and another row to each side so now there are 11,127 hexagons. My quilt is called "THE Hexagon Quilt". It was of course hand pieced and hand quilted. This quilt has been a real labor of love and got me through a very difficult period in my life. Thank goodness for Inklingo."

... and just in case you have forgotten. This is made with hexagons that are 0.5" to the side. That's right. At their widest, from point to point, these hexagons are just 1", and the side of each hexagon is 0.5".

Awesome, Linda. Just awesome.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yin, Yang and Log Cabins

Mary has been having a ball with the Yin Yang collection, and some Log Cabin blocks.
She writes :

For the log cabin blocks, I used 1.5” cut logs which I had already precut several years ago when I cut different sizes of “all” my Orientals.

Quilt is 66”x 75”

Now, Mary, you might have used strips you had already, but just so the readers of this blog knows : You can make the same kind of Log Cabin blocks using the 1" Log Cabin collection.
And I think it is a gorgeous quilt !

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stars on the table

Sue in Western New York state has finished a table-cloth using Inklingo. She writes :

The fabrics were in a package that I purchased at Quilt Market last fall.
The fabric is from Darlene Zimmermans Clothesline Club by Robert Kaufman. The kit is called Blue Ribbon Winner it is 60" square. I pieced the flying geese with Inklingo collection #2 - making the flying geese come perfect!
The instructions for the flying geese/star points is on page 66 of the Inklingo Handbook.

And a note : Collection # 2 is sold out, but you can make equally precise and easy Flying Geese with the 00B HST collection, which is downloadable and available :-)