Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birds in the Air

Peggy from Florida made this beautiful Queen Size quilt using HST from Collection 2.
To me it looks like Bird in the Air blocks, put togethr four at a time to make the illusion of larger pinwheels.

The blocks can also be made with the downloadable HST-collection.

Thanx for sharing, Peggy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cathy in TN is working with the Pickle Dish collection (which is either a stand-alone download or an add-on to the Double Wedding Ring collection).

She hasn't finished her quilt yet, but is sharing her progress.

Gorgeous Cathy ! Isn't it amazing that a difficult pattern like this goes together so perfectly and easily with Inklingo ?

POTC Finished !!!

Kathy has actually finished her Patchwork of the Crosses.
Quilted, bound and (I hope) signed.

And there's a closeup of the quilting

It's a gorgeous quilt, Kathy ! Congratulations on finishing it.

March 29-2011


Kathy has this quilt accepted in this years AQS show !
Congratulations Kathy. Way to go. This is an outrageously gorgeous quilt and deserves all the recognition it can get.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sashed Clamshells

Cathi is making a clamshell quilt based on a quilt at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  It is made with the 3" clamshells and the sashing collections.

Chintz Circles

Cathi made this quilt using the Alabama Beauty block in the Orange Peel Deluxe Collection.  It was made for a special 90th birthday and is called Chintz Circles.

Summer Picnic Dish

Cathi is making this Pickle Dish which she has named Summer Picnic Dish.

Pickled Clamshells

Mary has been having fun with the new Pickled Clamshell collection as well. She's using Kaffe Fasset fabrics for the clams, and complimentary lights and darks for the pickles. It's going to be another stunner, Mary.

Drunkard's Path wallhanging

Peggy from Florida has been having fun with the Drunkard's path Collection.

She writes :

Here's a picture of my Drunkard's Path wallhanging. It was made using the 3" Drunkard's Path download. I still have to finish hand-quilting it.

Size 24 x 30"

Triangle Wallhanging

Linda has been playing with HST and has this pretty top to show for her efforts.

Lovely soft colours and very precise piecing. Thanx for sharing, Linda !

Lucy Boston coming along

Joan from Australia has her Lucy Boston POTC (Patchwork Of The Crosses, not Pirates Of The Carribean) coming along nicely.
Four and a half rows joined.
Looking good Joan !

Pickled Scallops

Pia has already started her Quilt with the new Pickled Clamshells collection.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Alabama Beauty -- Orange Peel Variation

Cathi is making a bed-sized quilt using the Alabama Beauty shapes in the Orange Peel Deluxe collection.

It's currently 27" x 36" and goes together very quickly thanks to the perfect matching points and gentle curves.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farmer's Fancy / Delight blocks

Jeanette from Southern Australia has been busy with the Dresden Plate Fancy Pieced collection.
She writes :
These blocks are all hand pieced and made using the Dresden Plate Collection. There are 5 different fabrics plus background in each block, and they measure 15" square finished.
I really enjoyed making these blocks, and found the process very addictive.

And aren't they just gorgeous ! Click on the pictures to see more detail on each block.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tumbler Quilt

I am sorry. I have not checked my hotmail-account for AGES, and this beauty has been languishing in the in-box since February 2nd.
Penny made it, and I - FInally - post it here, with my deep and heartfelt apologies for not posting this stunning quilt sooner.

She writes :
I really like this quilt because it looks like something that my grandma might have made. I love doing it with Inklingo - it makes it so easy to take and piece the row together whereever I go.

... and it is indeed a beauty, Peggy !

Friday, March 19, 2010


Sandy is making cubes using the 2.25" diamonds from Collection #3.

She writes: "I would not try this without Inklingo- these shapes would NEVER go together so accurately for me! I love Inklingo!!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tumbler Stars

Charlsey made this table runner using the shapes from the Tumbler Collection and Cathi's pattern for Tumbler Stars.

The Tumbler Collection can be found here and the free pattern to download can be found here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Farmer's Delight Blocks

Cathi made this Farmer's Delight block using the Dresden Fancy Pieced collection.

The blocks finish at 15" and are really quite quick to put together as there's the opportunity for lots of lovely continuous stitching when putting the bands of triangles together that go around the centres of the blocks.

Winding Ways

Cathi made this Winding Ways wallhanging using the 9" Winding Ways collection.

The curves are very gentle and with the fabulous matching points as well as the piecing and pressing tips in the Inklingo Winding Ways Design Book, this went together in no time!