Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pies and Tarts

Fussy-printed Pies and Tarts wedges.

And a finished top !

Jeannette from Oz has been busy (again!) and made this beauty for all of us to make a fuss about.
Click on the small pictures on the left to get a larger one. They are worth it.

Jeannette writes :
I'm sending pictures of my Pie and Tarts quilt. It's all hand pieced except for the border, I sewed that on by machine.
The half Tarts around the edge ar all pieced in the same fabric as the border to give a scalloped look. I'm also showing a few fussy-cut blocks and a closeup of the border.
The quilt measures 82 x 96".
... now all I have to do is quilt the thing LOL.

Wishing you luck on the quilting, Jeannette, while the rest of us are quietly drooling over your top.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feathered Star

Charlsey made this Feathered Star quilt using the 20-inch Feathered Star collection.

She writes:
I used the 20" Feathered Star collection from Inklingo for the stars. The 6" center block of each square is different. I used Inklingo every time there was a shape available that I needed.
Also, for this quilt, I machine pieced most of the feathered stars, which is a very difficult task without Inklingo.
Inklingo enables me to attempt quilts I normally would dismiss as too cumbersome, time-consuiming or difficult. I enjoy the fact that I can be challenged in my quilt-making and at the same time know that I can be successful by using Inklingo as a tool.

You can see close-ups of some of Charley's Stars here.